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Welcome to the Episcopal Mission Center

5 Marks of Mission

During your stay at EMC your group will focus on a different mark of mission  each day. The marks of mission describe provide five practical  guideposts for living a life of mission- both during your trip and after returning home.


Tell- Practice active love.  The first step in living out the five marks of mission is to tell people they are loved, in word and in deed. Find ways to begin telling your story.

Teach – Share your story. Share what you have learned about living missionally with other-discuss your understanding of what it means to love actively and work for justice

Tend- Engage in practical service. Look for the places where you gifts talents, abilities, and experiences can help bring healing and wholeness to the world around you.

Transform-Work for systemic change. Further develop your understanding of injustice and be part of reshaping the big picture, helping transform structures that lead to inequality and injustice.

Treasure-Reflect, renew and restart. Take time to treasure what you have leaned and reflect on valued relationships, important lessons, and areas for growth

Urban Gardening

Our mission is to help young people cultivate mission as a way of life-a life oriented  toward service to others and the greater good, through pairing meaningful volunteer service work with focused reflection and discussion in a community setting


The Episcopal Mission Center is a space dedicated to hosting and facilitating residential urban retreat programs focused on service and personal formation. We host groups throughout the year: from across the country and various faith traditions.


While you are here. Discover what it means to live missionally. Gain experiences, develop tools, and build relationships that will help you continue to practice missions as a way of life when you return home to your own community


Get Involved

Spend each day in service to others. We will accompany you each day as you serve alongside community members at one of our service partners sites throughout the city of Philadelphia. Types of service work include block cleanup, urban gardening, building and grounds repairs, assistance at homeless shelters, assist in community nutrition programs, after school arts, , supporting at day camps. Spend evenings in reflection and community building. In the evenings, you will have time to reflect on your experiences through the programming that includes facilitated conversation and team building activities along with theological discussion, worship services, and spiritual practices guided by the Episcopal tradition of the Christian faith


5421 Germantown Ave.

Philadephia, Pa. 19144



General Inquiries 


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