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Summer Camp 2024

Thank you for getting to know EMC Camp! It’s our favorite place to be. I hope it will become yours, too. Check us out for next summer 2024!

Summer Camp

These days, all of us—kids and parents alike—spend far too much time in front of a screen. At EMC, we invite you to choose a different kind of experience for your child. Here, we help campers 100% unplug, connect, and grow. Fun, fresh air, and friendships fill each day. Skills, maturity, and independence emerge. Connections flourish: to others, to nature, and to our own selves and our shared values.

Camp Barnabas

Summer Camp

Register or apply here and join us for an amazing summer filled with new friendships, thrilling activities, and endless fun. Don't wait, secure your spot now!

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Camp Barnabas Volunteer Application Form

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Camp Barnabas Registration Form

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Camp Barnabas Camp Counselor Application

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